Youngtimer Camp 2017 is an international gathering and exhibition of vehicles older than 25+ years, which takes place at LaitseRallyPark from 28 – 29. 07. 2017

The event takes place at LaitseRallyPark territory from 28 – 29. 07. 2017. There are no country of origin nor age restrictions for the vehicles taking part of the ”Nostalgiasõidukite” competitions and exhibition. The only condition is the manufacturing year of the car, which needs to be 1992 or older. We welcome anyone who is interested in machinery and its history to visit, compete and be part of the event.

As part of the event, we carry out several competitions, Youngtimer car exhibition, bidding at the car and antique market, kick start the farming engines etc. You can enjoy the nostalgic environment, good company and delicious food. The host will keep up the mood during the day and there will be plenty of activities for children. The Kolumbus Kris band will end the day with a roof top concert.
Visitors who arrive from further ahead can stay at our camp site which has a water pond and have an opportunity to use the Sauna bus.

We look forward to seeing you at our big summer event Youngtimer Camp 2017!

If you own a vehicle with an age 25 years or older then you have a variety of opportunities to take part in our events.

There will be an exhibition for Youngtimer vehicles, where around 150 special vehicles will be represented. The uniqueness of the vehicle could be the well-kept originality or also the professionally carried out modification.
The orienteering competition takes place on 28. 07 and could be taken part in groups, and the competition can be seen from interactive screens at the LaitseRallyPark competition centre. A maximum number of 150 teams are allowed to start the orienteering competition.

Youngtimer race takes place at the twin track of LaitseRallyPark, where a proper speed test has been set up on the race track’s tarmac part. However, in order to get the good race result, the speed is not the main aspect. 80 vehicles are allowed to start the race.

As part of the nostalgic car market, the participants have an opportunity to sell their Youngtimer equipment and spare parts. The advantages for a good deal are bigger than anywhere as the target group of enthusiasts is gathering here. Everyone offering exotic and era specific goods are welcome to sell at the market.

Additionally, the hobby kart centre, open track, traffic town and games house are opened. There will be races with stunt cars, which wheels turn the opposite way.

Register yourself to take part of the races and the car market early as the number of spaces is limited.



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